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Developing Leadership Structure & Implementing Efficient Teams

Get on the fast track with powerful training from
Coach Bob at the Caveat Institute

Caveat Institute offers impactful training on many personal and professional success topics. Our leadership disciplines are custom designed for each client. Our goal for every event is to have all participants walk away with clarity, purpose or strategies that can be immediately applied.

Caveat Institute Training

Intentional Leadership Essentials

Establishing the foundation to build with the stability for survive the storms that come your say. As we build your foundation, we will focus on the core principles to allow for a sustainable business with the flexibly and steadfastness necessary to complete in a fast moving, competitive environment.

Image by Alexander Mils

Negotiation Vs. Selling

Business Handshake

How to understand the opportunities to handle your customer's needs. Knowing when it is time to be selling and when it is time to negotiate. This practical and interactive workshop will guide you to close more sales

Communication for the 21st Century

This program trains participants how to understand, adapt and then manage any relationship, either personal or professional. This includes understanding, not just personality, but behavior and motivations of your prospects, clients, and coworkers. You will learn to think in someone else sandbox.

Business Meeting

Psychology of Marketing

Image by Bret Kavanaugh

This is not a how-to marketing course, but a workshop to understand and develop the knowledge and clarity necessary to help the participant correctly choose and implement a marketing program that doesn’t waste money and actually works!

Knowing What Business you are Really in!

Ask the right questions to clarify what business you are really in and understand how to share your vision in a way that anyone will understand in just one sentence.

Leather Briefcase

Listening Essentials: Listening to what is NOT being Said

Image by C D-X

It is important to understand that listening is more than responding to what is being said. In this powerful course, you will learn the different levels of listening and increase your ability to understand not only the needs of another, but what is important to the other person.

Questioning Fundamentals:
Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time

The biggest mistake made by many leaders is asking the wrong questions at the wrong time to the wrong people. In this course, you will discover how to ask questions that will not only help you understand the needs of another person but help them understand their own needs.

Image by Brett Jordan

Thinking Different with Maximum Results

Image by AbsolutVision

It is not only important to understand how you think, but also more important to understand how someone else thinks. In this course, you will increase your ability to think outside the box and adapt, influence and mange on a higher level than you have ever led.

Master Goal Setting

Setting goals is a frustrating process we must endure. In learning master goals, you will increase your productivity, enhance your effectiveness and accomplish more goals than ever before.

Image by Scott Graham

Taking Control of Your Career

Image by Brendan Church

Have you ever felt like your career runs you? So many people fall into the trap of being overwhelmed and discouraged. In this course, you will not only survive in your career, but you will also thrive in your life, regardless of the state of the economy.

Gaining Power Through Clarity

Clarity brings power! Understanding how to bring clarity in every aspect of your life will be life changing. In this class, you will gain the power to be in control and learn how to avoid the distractions the cause you to be tempted to quit.

Business books

Increase Your Effectiveness

Image by Andrew Neel

Effectiveness in your leadership role is essential in your ability to adapt, influence and manage. In this course, you will, not only increase your effectiveness, but you will also gain control, increase your confidence and refine your ability to lead like no one else.

Grow Your Business

93% of businesses that are started today will be out of business in 2 years. Don't be one of them. Grow your business to be sustainable in any economy, through any circumstance, and learn to fly like an eagle.

Image by Mike Petrucci

The Art of Closing the Deal

Image by Rock Staar

Closing the deal is an artform. However, it does not need to be complicated. Close more deals with confidence by understanding the dynamics of negotiations, the steps of the sales process, and eliminating objections.

Mastering Leadership

Leadership is never easy, but it can be simple. In this course you will learn the steps on being the leader that people will want to follow.

Image by Scott Graham

Reaching Maximum Significance:
Moving from Sucess to Significance

Image by Razvan Chisu

Great leaders understand success and move into significance. In this course, you will learn the dynamics of becoming a leader of success and climbing to a leader of significance. This understanding will be the key to being the leader you were meant to be.

Changing Your Paradigm

Changing your paradigm is a simple process that most people find complicated. In this course you will learn the 3 components that will help change your paradigm and never go back.

Image by Ben

Thriving VS. Surviving


Most people find themselves in a state of survival. You can learn to thrive in any environment. In this course, you will learn how to thrive in any situation, how to think different then the status quo and handle any barrier that comes your way.

Going from Poverty Mindset to Success Thinking

The first step in getting out of a poverty mindset is to understand the steps to climb to change the way you think. In this course you will learn discover how to think above the line and be intentional about what you think each moment.

Image by Joshua Earle
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