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Powerful Marketing Message

Powerful Marketing Message

The elevator speech is dead! In today's market, people are not interested in what you do. In years past, Yes!, people wanted to know what you did because they did not have access to the information they have today. With the development of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, we have information at our fingertips like no other time in history. What used to work in the past no longer works, like the elevator pitch.


Coach Bob will teach you your personal powerful marketing message. This powerful tool will allow you to reach your prospective client on a whole new level. You will be able to abandon and pitch that has become obsolete and replace it with your PMM. The PMM (Powerful Marketing Message) will open doors like you have never seen before. 

Course Length: 1 Hours

Investment: $99/person

Completion: Discover your Powerful Marketing Message. You will receive your Powerful Marketing Message script with 1 hour coaching on how to be effective with Coach Bob Reish

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