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Remote Online Notary-Pricing


State Regulated Fee is $10.00 per Notarial Act (Stamp)

Caveat Notary Fulfillment and Platform Session Charges are Priced as Contracted

You are contracting Fulfillment, Platform, and Additional Services with Caveat Notary.
Caveat Notary pays its independent notaries the state-regulated fee of $10 per notarial act (stamp).
All payments must be made in advance by Electronic Invoice/Credit Card or Venmo

Minimum Charge: $65.00

State Regulated Fee: $10.00 Per Notarial Act (Stamp)

Caveat Notary provides an Arizona-commissioned remote online notary to our clients. The required state-regulated fee is $10.00 per notarial act. (One notary tamper-proof seal per notarial stamp (notarial act). This fee is included on our invoice, and we pay this fee directly to our notaries).

Caveat Notary Fulfillment, RON Secure Confidential Platform: $65/Session, plus the State-regulated fee of $10.00 per Notarial Act (Stamp).

Caveat Notary Fulfillment and RON Platform charges are required per session and are based on the level of work required to fulfill the order. This fee includes:

  • Scheduling Coordination: signers, notary

  • Electronic Paperwork Setup and Review of PDF Files (8MB Max/Doc)

  • Security and Sealing of the Documents (Tamper Evidence)

  • Quality Control Review

  • Log/Audit Trail

  • Immediate Document Digital Download by Signer(s)

  • Temporary 72-Hour Secure Storage of Document on Signing Platform

  • Knowledge-Based Authentication Quiz (2 Attempts)

  • ID Credential Analysis

  • Facial Recognition

  • Video Session Moderation for Audio/Visual Recording

  • Up to 30-minute session (Additional time available

  • Minimum 24-Hour Advanced Notice to Pay/Book/Upload Documents

Add $10.00 per notarial certificate if your document(s) require a certificate to be added by the notary.

Add $25.00 Reschedule Fee: 10-Minute Grace Period.

Terms/Cancellation/Refund Policies
for Remote Online Notarizations  


  • Fees are payable 24 hours in advance of the scheduled signing session via Electronic Invoice or Venmo.

  • Document(s) to be uploaded to the Secure Server Link 24 hours in advance of the scheduled signing session.

  • Document(s) to be uploaded as separate flattened PDF file(s).

  • Document(s) must be complete. All blanks must be filled in prior to uploading except for the signer(s): initials, signatures, and dates.

  • The session is limited to 30 minutes unless otherwise stated.

  • The computer, camera, microphone, chrome browser, and internet must be set up and functional (must allow: screen sharing, screen recording, and pop-ups) prior to the start of the signing session. Limited technical support is available from the notary during the signing session.

  • Failure to sign participant(s) knowledge-based authentication quiz (2 attempts) or credential analysis can result in a rescheduling fee ($25.00) 

  • The notary will wait for signing participant(s) up to 10 minutes from the scheduled session start time before the cancellation/reschedule policy goes into effect.

Cancellation Policy:

  • 24 hours or more notice:

    • Reschedule: no penalty or additional charges.

    • Not Rescheduled: 25% cancellation fee deducted from refund.

  • Less than 24 hour notice:

    • Reschedule:  $25.00 Reschedule Fee

    • Not Rescheduled: 50% cancellation fee deducted from refund.

Refund Policy:
75% of fees will be refunded for these reasons:

  • Failure of signing participant(s) computer equipment or software

  • Failure of signing participant(s) internet connection

Refunds can take up 10 business days based on your type of payment.

AZ State Sales Taxes may apply.

AZ Administrative Rules (2020): 
Only 2 attempts to pass ID verification are allowed within 24 hours.  
“If the remotely located signer fails the second attempt, the signer is not allowed to retry with the same online notary public within 24 hours of the second failed attempt…”

The State of Arizona commissions notaries to perform only these three notarial acts:

  • Acknowledgement or Jurat

  • Oath or Affirmation

The State of Arizona regulates notarial fees for the two acts at $10.00 per act (stamp). 

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